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If your love of album-art and epic rock images equals your love of music, you already know Sean Murphy, you just don't know it yet. He’s the guy behind some of the most iconic Rock shots over the past twenty-five years. Weezer, Green Day, Kid Rock, A Perfect Circle, Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, and Blink 182 to name a few. Through his stories about the mayhem and craziness of each photoshoot, we learn that Sean Murphy may be even more insane than any of them.

Apr 29, 2021

In Episode 8, Sean and his wife Raphye chat about many things... like her laundry list of Sean's stories, going postal & blowing up Las Vegas with Maynard from Tool, and Raphye embarasses Sean by professing her love for Tool on their trip to Maynard's winery. 

Apr 20, 2021

Episode 7 features guest Connor Cajigal, who asks Sean about bands he wished he shot, and they uncover stories about a Beastie Boys / Rage Against the Machine debacle, hot rods, beer, Miami Vice, and Portland. 

Apr 8, 2021

Sean's guest on Episode 6 is Gracie Luberto, a rad young lady with a big future ahead of her. She asks questions that uncover some super interesting stories about working with Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Hanson, Linkin Park, Shia LeBouf, Jake Gyllenhal, and Tom Arnold. 

Apr 2, 2021

The "president" of Marketing at Murphy Photo Inc, Maxine Orange (that's me!), sits down for her first podcast episode with Sean. We hear some interesting behind the scenes stories about the creative process and working with Weezer for 20 years. 

See more Weezer pics in Sean's recent 20 year retrospective on his